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Benefits of buying from WeedList

Fast delivery: Are you out of weed and want to buy weed quickly? WeedList provides you best and fast delivery services at your door. You just need to choose and order. Working on your order and delivering it to reach to you in time is our priority.

Discounts: WeedList gives its costumers best benefits. Special promotions and discounts on purchases are offered to ensure quality weed products in lowest discounted prices possible.

Safe Information: We ensure privacy of the information shared with us. We respect privacy of our members and make sure to keep all the information to ourselves. If you want to shop in a safe environment without having any fear to get your personal information leaked to other people, WeedList is for you.

Trust: In making any bond, Trust is the main factor to be considered. We ensure to give our customers all the reasons to trust us and build a relationship for future bonds. While delivering the order, we take care of the special packaging for your product to keep your personal information and details protected, all products are sealed and delivered in discrete packaging sent directly to your mailbox.

High Quality Weed: While purchasing weed, main concern is not to get scammed. Most companies sell products which are not pure and lie about the concentration of contents in the products, giving false results. It is heart-breaking for the costumers. WeedList promises to provide high quality products and gives detailed information of each product to make clear presentation of the products to be used.

Wide Variety Choice: Choosing the weed best for you is a great concern. Everyone likes to have choices to choose between. WeedList gives a great variation in strains and types of weeds you want to choose. We consider following factors while categorizing weeds for you;

  • Mental health
  • Physical health
  • Moods
  • Times to use
  • Preferred routes
  • Medical conditions

Proper Guidance: Do you want to consume weed but cannot decide what is best for you at what time?

WeedList is here to provide complete guidance on what to use and when to use, to get desired results and mental satisfaction.

Payment Method: Making payments is something you need to do after thorough understanding. You don’t need to have cash or calculate what it costs to buy what you want. Buy from WeedList, and we will provide you with complete bill about the products you choose to buy. Have a look, add anything else you want, remove any extra product you added, approve when you get satisfied and pay from your account in a hassle-free manner.

Low Prices: As WeedList provides online services, we ensure to give low prices than market. Free delivery and offering coupons and discounts make it more affordable than any other service holder providing weed. Ordering from WeedList gives you a hassle-free purchase. And the expenses to travel to a retail store are also saved. So, to help you buy weed in most reasonable prices is our priority.

Quick Costumer Service: Our team is available for you whenever you need any help choosing cannabis or selecting recommended varieties or types of weed that is best for you. You are welcome ask for any queries regarding choosing, buying weed, getting discounts, expected delivery or anything that is on our mind.

Easy to understand for buying: Visiting a retail store can be sometimes stressful to a consumer. Answering questions and getting confused about what to buy is a situation nobody wants to face. Having short time to choose and letting the seller know about your mind is not easy all the time. It is convenient to navigate options in WeedList menu and explore categories and sub-categories of your choice. So, take your time, visit the online store, understand completely your preferences and choices and plan in a stress-free environment.

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  1. Lisa says:

    I have a Medical Card for Ny..Can I order bc hard for me to get out..makes it easier

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