Best Portable Cannabis Vaporizer 2022

Cannabis vaporizer

How To find the best Portable Cannabis Vaporizers? Vaporizing cannabis is quickly becoming one of the favorite ways of consuming cannabis because it provides none of the health risks that come with smoking cannabis. It is more efficient, more flavourful, and it’s easier on the throat and lungs than smoking. However, in other to vaporize cannabis you need a vaporizer.

Cannabis vaporizer ranges from vape pens to portable vaporizers, to desktop vaporizers to concentrate vaporizers

Choosing the best or a favorite portable cannabis vaporizer depends on a number of factors. Some people prefer the battery life, some prefer the level of portability, while others go in for the ease of use taking into consideration how much money is being spent to acquire it. Below is a list of our top pick cannabis vaporizers.

Zeus Arc:

Zeus Arc stainless stell & Zeus arc GT

Manufactured in Germany with a super tiny body that fits into your hands really well. It has three (3) temperature settings that allow for temperature variation. It comes with a hidden multi-tool at the bottom.

This phenomenal device, the Zeus Arc can slip into your pocket super easily and has a 3500 mA power battery that lasts approximately 90 minutes of continuous use. There are two versions of the Zeus Arc: the GT and the Stainless Steel

Zeus Arc GT:

It features an all-gold plated vapor path both in the mouthpiece and the chamber itself. It is known that gold is one of the most conductive metals on Earth, this property gives the GT a higher capability of eliminating the heat from the vapor before it reaches your lips.

Zeus Arc Stainless Steel:

Features an all-steel plated vapor path both in the mouthpiece and the chamber. The steel gives it a higher capability of eliminating the heat from the vapor.

This, therefore, allows the vapor to be cooled down before you inhale them. The settings can also be adjusted to enable the device to pump out any amount of cloud.

This German device is built-in with serious intentions, it has a stir tool at the bottom which is magnetic allowing you to access the micro USB port for recharging.

The presence of an accelerometer helps you to identify the battery life at any given time and for automatic cooling of the device after 30 minutes of inactivity thereby preserving your herbs. You can check the battery life by shaking the device.

Zeus arc is one of the most beginner-friendly cannabis vaporizers to date and delivers consistent sessions.


Also known as the king of portable convection, The mighty is a well-built device with a rugged industrial design made of medical-grade plastic. It features a cooling unit in the mouthpiece, full temperature control that goes all the way to 210 degrees Celsius producing great vapor

The mighty pumps out a serious amount of tasty clouds. The vapor is clean, crisp, and comes out as cool as a cucumber.

This cannabis vaporizer boasts of 90 minutes of continuous use before it can be recharged and take approximately 45 minutes from completely dead to fully charged. It can also be used while charging.

Due to the large size, the mighty isn’t as portable as some of the other devices on our list, but it certainly fits in a bag pack or jacket pocket.

Utillian 722

Utillian 722

A sleek sturdy design built really well with the ability to handle concentrates. The Utillian 722 is a true two-in-one convection device easy to use with one button and four (4) temperature settings.

It is an excellent choice for anyone that does not want to break the bank but wants a powerful session that can knock s/he out.

This cannabis vaporizer boasts of a 230 mA battery that can last roughly 60 minutes of continuous use. Easily capable of fitting in a pocket for a night out and can handle dry herbs and concentrates really well with the ability to pump out a serious amount of flavorful powerful vapor.

Utillian 722 comes with a preset temperature that ranges from 180 to 210 degrees Celsius alongside a boost mode capable of automatically ramping the temperature up to 225 degrees Celsius which is perfect for handling any type of concentrate

Arizer Solo 2

Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer

This workhorse of a vaporizer features a long glass vapor path, ridiculous battery life, full temperature controls up to 220 degrees Celsius and is highly customizable. It comes with a straightforward navigation menu with many functionalities which you can play along with.

The customization it offers from a user standpoint is great. Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer delivers great heavy-hitting vapor with excellent flavors. Has a battery life of 3 hours.

I hope this helps you in making your decision when it comes to choosing the best portable cannabis vaporizers. Check out the reviews of the best vaporizers at Green society and stay connected for part II of this post.

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