Explore UK Marijuana Strains: Your Guide to Cannabis in Britain

UK Marijuana Strains

As the legal status of cannabis continues to evolve in the UK, so too does the availability and variety of marijuana strains. From classic varieties like Skunk to newer hybrids like Cheese, there is no shortage of options for those looking to explore the world of UK cannabis.

In this comprehensive guide, we will take a closer look at the various cannabis varieties available in the UK and highlight some of the top cannabis strains that are popular in the country. Whether you are a seasoned smoker or curious to try cannabis for the first time, this guide will provide valuable insight into the world of UK marijuana strains.

Key Takeaways

  • UK marijuana strains are available in a wide variety of types and flavors.
  • UK cannabis enthusiasts have access to both classic and new hybrid strains.
  • Some of the top cannabis strains in the UK include Skunk, Cheese, and Blueberry.
  • UK marijuana strains are known for their unique flavor profiles and effects.
  • As the legal status of cannabis continues to evolve, the availability and variety of UK marijuana strains are likely to increase.

The Best UK Marijuana Strains for Different Effects and Purposes

When it comes to finding the best weed strains UK, there is an abundance of options available. Depending on your desired effect or purpose, some strains may be more suitable than others. Here, we have compiled a list of the top UK marijuana strains according to their effects and purposes.

Best Marijuana Strains for Relaxation

If you’re looking to unwind and relax, the following strains are known for their calming effects:

Strain Name Type THC Content
Blue Cheese Indica 15-20%
Granddaddy Purple Indica 17-23%
OG Kush Hybrid 19-26%

Best Marijuana Strains for Pain Relief

If you’re looking for strains to manage pain, the following strains have been reported to provide relief:

Strain Name Type THC Content
Cannatonic High-CBD Hybrid 5-15%
Harlequin High-CBD Sativa 5-10%
Northern Lights Indica 16-21%

Best Marijuana Strains for Creativity

If you’re looking to enhance your creativity, the following strains are known for their uplifting effects:

Strain Name Type THC Content
Super Lemon Haze Sativa 15-22%
Green Crack Sativa 15-25%
Amnesia Haze Sativa 18-25%

Popular Weed Strains in the UK

In addition to the best strains for specific effects, there are several popular weed strains in the UK that are well-loved by customers:

With so many different strains available, it’s important to research and choose the right one for your needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking to relax, relieve pain, enhance creativity, or simply enjoy the experience, the UK offers a wide range of top-quality marijuana strains.

Origins and Characteristics of UK Marijuana Strains

In the UK, cannabis has been used for various purposes for centuries. While it is illegal to use it for recreational purposes, medicinal cannabis was legalised in 2018.

There are three main types of cannabis strains found in the UK: indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. Indica strains are known for their relaxing effects on the body, while sativa strains provide a more uplifting and energising experience. Hybrid strains are a combination of both and offer a more balanced effect.

Many UK strains have unique qualities and flavors due to their origins. Some of the most popular UK weed strains include the Cheese strain, which has a distinct cheesy aroma and is popular for its calming and relaxing effects. The Amnesia Haze strain is another popular UK strain that is known for its uplifting and creative effects.

The Cheese Strain

The Cheese strain is one of the most well-known UK cannabis strains. It is an indica-dominant hybrid that has a distinct cheesy aroma. The strain originated in the 1980s and has been popular ever since. Its calming and relaxing effects make it an ideal strain for those looking to unwind after a long day.

Characteristics Description
Aroma Cheesy, pungent
Effect Calming, relaxing
Appearance Light green buds with orange hairs

The Amnesia Haze Strain

The Amnesia Haze strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that originated in the Netherlands but has become popular in the UK due to its uplifting and creative effects. The strain has a sweet and earthy aroma with hints of citrus and is a favorite among artists and those looking to boost their creativity.

Characteristics Description
Aroma Sweet, earthy with hints of citrus
Effect Uplifting, creative
Appearance Medium-sized buds with orange and yellow hairs

Other popular UK strains include the Northern Lights strain, which is known for its relaxing effects, and the Skunk strain, which has a powerful aroma and is popular for its strong buzz.

  • Northern Lights – A pure indica strain with a sweet and spicy aroma and a relaxing effect.
  • Skunk – A hybrid strain with a strong and pungent aroma and a powerful buzz.

These are just a few examples of the many cannabis strains that are available in the UK. Each strain has its own unique characteristics, and it is important to understand the effects and potential risks associated with each strain before use.


As we conclude our comprehensive guide to cannabis in Britain, we hope that we have provided you with valuable insights into UK marijuana strains. The country offers a diverse range of cannabis varieties that satisfy different tastes and preferences.

Explore the Various Cannabis Varieties in the UK

Whether you’re looking for a strain to help with pain management or one that enhances creativity, the best cannabis strains in the UK have got you covered. Some of the top cannabis strains in the UK include Cheese, Blue Dream, and Amnesia Haze, among others. Each of these strains has unique origins, characteristics, and flavors that make them stand out.

Understand the Origins and Characteristics of UK Strains

In our previous section, we explored the origins and characteristics of UK marijuana strains. We highlighted the different types of weed that are commonly found in the UK, including indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. Understanding the differences between these strains can help you make an informed decision when choosing a UK strain that aligns with your preferences.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the UK marijuana strains market offers a wide variety of options that cater to different needs and preferences. From the best cannabis strains in the UK to the unique qualities of UK weed strains, we recommend that you take your time to explore and experiment with different varieties to find what works for you.

Thank you for joining us on this insightful journey into cannabis in Britain. We hope that this guide has been helpful and informative. Remember, always consume cannabis responsibly and in a legal and safe environment.


What are the legal implications of using marijuana in the UK?

The use of marijuana for recreational purposes is illegal in the UK. However, medical cannabis is available under certain circumstances. It’s important to understand the laws and regulations surrounding marijuana use in the UK before considering its consumption.

Can I grow my own marijuana in the UK?

Growing marijuana for recreational purposes is illegal in the UK. However, there are specific circumstances under which individuals with a valid license can grow cannabis for medical reasons. It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the laws and requirements if you’re considering growing marijuana in the UK.

Where can I purchase marijuana strains in the UK?

The sale and purchase of marijuana for recreational use are illegal in the UK. However, medical cannabis can be obtained through a prescription from a qualified healthcare professional. It’s essential to consult with a medical professional to explore the options available for accessing medical cannabis in the country.

Are there any UK-specific marijuana strains?

Yes, there are several marijuana strains that have originated in the UK or are specific to the region. These strains often have unique characteristics and flavors that make them distinct from strains found in other parts of the world. Exploring UK-specific strains can be an exciting way to discover the diverse world of cannabis in Britain.

Can marijuana be used for medical purposes in the UK?

Yes, medical cannabis can be prescribed by qualified healthcare professionals in the UK for certain conditions. However, the eligibility criteria and regulations for accessing medical cannabis may vary. It’s crucial to consult with a medical professional to understand the potential benefits and risks of using marijuana for medical purposes in the UK.

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