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How to legally get medical marijuana in Oklahoma

How to legally get medical marijuana in Oklahoma

Since 2018, medical marijuana has been absolutely legal in Oklahoma. Moreover, the state holds the record for the development of the medical cannabis industry. Do you want to know how to legally get medical marijuana in Oklahoma?, Under the law, patients aged 18 or more have the right to participate in the MMJ Oklahoma program (as well as the minor patients with a license of the trustee or parent).

As for recreational marijuana, it remains illegal. Storage of over 1.5 ounces of dry marijuana is classified as an administrative offense. It is punishable by a fine of up to $400.

Conditions for patients

To participate in the MMJ OK program, you need to be the resident of the state. When submitting the application through Dr.Weedy or in any other way, you have to confirm your residence with a document. This can be the driver’s license of Oklahoma, ID card, or any other document that indicates the place of residence.

To become a member of the medical marijuana program in Oklahoma, the qualified doctor must confirm one of the following pathologies:

● Cancer;

● Chronic pain;

● Anorexia;


● Cachexia;

● Increased anxiety and depression;

● Muscle cramps and multiple sclerosis;

● Seizures and epilepsy;

● Severe nausea;

● Glaucoma;

● Arthritis;

● Migraine;

● Opioid dependence;

● Any other system that limits the ability of a person to lead a fulfilling life.

The resident of Oklahoma, who has a medical cannabis card, has the right to store up to 3 ounces of dry cannabis, grow 6 seedlings and 6 mature cannabis plants at the same time. Besides, it is allowed to store up to 1 ounce of concentrated cannabis, 72 ounces of edible products containing cannabis, as well as up to 8 ounces of marijuana (when storing at home). 

The owner of the medical cannabis card is exempted from criminal and administrative liability associated with the purchase, storage, and use of marijuana. However, if you smoke in public places, you will be punished. The same is true for drugged driving.

Conditions for doctors 

Any licensed doctor can prescribe cannabis in Oklahoma. At the same time, the doctor is free to choose in which cases to prescribe medicinal marijuana. According to the law on medical marijuana, doctors can prescribe recommendations for cannabis, using the same considerations as when prescribing the drugs. The drug can be prescribed for any state that the doctor considers suitable for cannabis use. The law leaves the choice to the doctor.

How to legally buy medical cannabis card in Oklahoma

If you have a medical cannabis card in Oklahoma, you can legally buy weed in one of the dispensaries of your city. To date, there are more than 600 official points of cannabis sale throughout the state. This is one of the highest rates in the USA. To legally buy cannabis in the dispensaries of Oklahoma, you should submit your application for MMJ Card through Dr.Weedy.

Extension of medical cannabis card in Oklahoma

MMJ card of Oklahoma is valid for 2 years, while in most cases, the standard term is only 1 year. The procedure of card extension is similar to the opening of the first card. You can leave a request for the card extension using the service Dr.Weedy. In a few days, you will receive your new medical cannabis card. After that, you will be able to buy weed in the dispensaries of Oklahoma.

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