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Is Cannabis Legal In Las Vegas?

Is cannabis legal in las vegas ?. featured image. Buy smart bud online

The use of cannabis, also known as Marijuana, is one of the most heated debates of this generation due to its detrimental psychoactive tendencies thus giving rise to questions like; is cannabis legal in Las Vegas?. Las Vegas, one of Nevada’s most popular cities, now allows anyone above 21 years old to purchase cannabis for recreational purposes.

In 2017, legal recreational cannabis opened the sales opportunity for the dispensaries in Nevada. Because of this, you would no longer need a medical marijuana card to purchase this item. Instead, you can provide them with a valid government-issued driver’s license, an ID, or a passport.

Can You Consume It In Public?

Unfortunately, you cannot consume cannabis in public spaces here in Las Vegas. That includes the streets, malls, casinos, and even your hotel room. Instead, residents can enjoy Marijuana in the comforts of their private homes. This regulation is to prevent other people from inhaling cannabis. 

Since Las Vegas is famous for tourists, it is quite common to see them wanting to have a place wherein they can legally enjoy cannabis. This phenomenon created different illegal strategies to consume Marijuana in public. Some common examples include vape pens, edibles, disposable cartridges, and other smokeless products. 

Available Cannabis Strains In Las Vegas 

There are a couple of cannabis strains these days, so you may be wondering, what are the best cannabis strains in Las Vegas? If you want to discover the next big thing in the Marijuana world, here are some of the types that you can encounter in Las Vegas. Note that this list is in no particular order.

Funky Malawi 

Funky Malawi is one of the rising stars of Marijuana in 2020. If you find one in a dispensary, you may want to try it out right away. Its unique aroma and taste give it its distinctive characteristic. This strain is said to have a funky vibe due to its vibrancy and deliciousness.


This strain is also said to be rising through the ranks since January. It exhibits a strong shot that will leave you in incredible awe. The Zookies, however, can be potent because it has over 30% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Purple Sweet Tooth

The Purple Sweet Tooth is merely incredible. By just reading its name, you are sure that it has mouth-watering effects. This cannabis strain has some taste and scent profile that may not be familiar to you. But it will surely give you that kick. 


If you want to experience an out of this heavenly world feeling, you should try the Bio-Jesus. Its dank but sweet combination gives it a very eccentric aromatic profile. Though this strain’s effect can be mellow, it is just perfect for people who want to have a calm yet productive night. 

Chocolate Diesel 

Lastly, you might want to try the tastiest gas that you will ever encounter for a very extraordinary sniff. It is a total package due to its unbeatable effects, scents, and flavors, all given by this strain. These nugs will undoubtedly make you fall in love. 

Cannabis in Las Vegas

Cannabis is now legal in Las Vegas. Although there are a variety of cannabis strains offered in Sin City, follow all the local government regulations for safe and secure consumption.

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