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A cannabis cigar (aka thai stick or cannagar) can be passed around 10x longer than your average joint, so you can focus on having a good time without having to stop and roll another one. Cannagars as well as purple rose cannagar mold have smoother hits than any other rolled cannabis. Get the full flavor from your product and take fatter hits without the cough.You may have seen a few brands on the market advertising premade cannagars. Or maybe have even seen them at your local dispensary. Pre-made canngars typically cost hundreds of dollars and sell out quickly. The Purple Rose cannagar mold let you create unlimited cannagars at a fraction of the price.

What’s in the Purple Rose box?

First off, I purchased the G2 large cannamold from the website. It was delivered within two weeks. The kit is packaged in a cardboard case with foam and comes with the mold, a packing tool, bamboo skewers, a wooden mouthpiece, and an easy-to-understand instructions sheet all arriving in a purple tote bag.

They currently sell four molding kits in three different sizes. The kits start at $44 USD retail.

The rolling process

Please read the instructions! I felt like I knew what I was doing and threw them out but ended up with a failed attempt on my first cannagar. I began by latching the mold together and inserting a skewer through the hole in the bottom. The latches on the mold and the mold itself felt well-constructed and look like it would last a long time.

I ground up 14 grams of flower and slowly filled the mold shaft using the packing tool. As per the recommendation on the Purple Rose site, I mixed several strains into my Cannagar. Including Pre 98 Bubba, Pink Kush, Cheese Quake, and several hashes.

In twenty minutes, I had packed the mold to the top and set it aside to cure for a day (the minimum is at least 3 hours). After the curing process, I used several lengths of Hemp raw rolls to make the outside casing.

Enjoying my first ever Cannagar

The cannagar burned evenly, packing a hot and heavy punch, and ended up lasting for quite a while. The tighter the cannagar is packed, the slower it burns according to the Purple Rose Supply team. These cannabis cigars from Purple Rose Supply can go through multiple rotations and be passed around for hours longer than your normal personal joint.

Purple Rose cannagar mold Supplies cannagars that give users considerably smoother hits with a substantial amount of smoke on intake. With hours on these slow burn full flavored cannagars, you can take bigger hits without the cough and without the worry of not having enough to go around. I found the kit to work well and the mouthpiece effective for heat displacement. For those looking for a classy way to spruce up a gathering, or for those occasions where something special is needed, the Purple Rose Cannagar mold is worth checking out. Get more of our amazing deals at 420sixty weed delivery

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